Lighting Resources

Photography by  Nicole Franzen

Photography by Nicole Franzen

Lighting Resources

Lighting is one of the last things we tackle when designing a new home or updating a current space, which means it can often get neglected. As lighting will substantially affect the feeling of your home, I would argue that it’s important to consider earlier in the design process to ensure the fixtures fit with your overall budget and design goals. (A great way to update a developer-designed rental space is to play around with your light fixtures and add dimmers — more on this to come!). I can’t help but fall in love with every light fixture that is hand-crafted, vintage, and very expensive… but, designing a space with only high-end lighting is never practical. I suggest splurging on one or two fixtures you truly cannot live without, that will live in places you encounter every day (for instance, incredible bedside sconces or kitchen pendants). For other areas — such as ceiling mounts —  mix in some lower-end fixtures from my budget-friendly list. The end result will feel really expensive and help to create a more interesting mix.

Shown above is the “Dot Line Wall” from Lambert&fils. 



Allied Maker: For hand-crafted fixtures in various finishes

Workstead Studio: For minimalist hard-wired fixtures

Apparatus: For show-stopping fixtures + lamps

Lindsey Adelman: For hand-crafted sculptural pieces

Roll + Hill: For a curated range of designer fixtures

Rewire LA: For the best selection of vintage fixtures + lamps

Cuff Home: For bohemian-chic fixtures + lamps


Cedar & Moss: For hard-wired fixtures in various finishes

Park Studio: For minimalist hard-wired fixtures

Lucent Lightshop: For hard-wired fixtures in brass

Zangra US: For simple sockets + bulbs

France & Søn: For a wide-range of lower-cost reproductions

ED Ellen Degeneres: For vintage-inspired fixtures + lamps

Leanne Ford for Project 62: For bohemian-chic fixtures