MD Townhouse by Danielle Siggerud


“Staying true to the building is my greatest responsibility. I believe I should respect it and work with it, rather than against it.” - Danielle Siggerud


The Philosophy

As I was gathering images for our next project, I found myself regularly coming back to the work of Norwegian architect Danielle Siggerud. Based in Copenhagen, Siggerud opened her architectural practice in 2016 and has since designed private and public spaces, as well as a few furniture pieces (check out the "Mattina Desk”). Her work represents an ideal for me, as it combines a respect for existing forms with a careful layering of new materials. I recently read an interview she gave to Cereal Magazine (don’t be an idiot like me and pay $25; you can read it here for free), where Siggerud detailed her design philosophy — and it really resonated with me. She states: “[s]taying true to the building is my greatest responsibility. I believe I should respect it and work with it, rather than against it. I always have in mind that the work I do is in the service of its community. I have to be very humble about that. A building should be able to stand the test of time, and continue to grow and change along with the people who use it. The way I see it, my job is to contribute a layer of softness, poetry, and improved quality of life. I do this by curating materials, and making the effort to truly understand the people who inhabit the architecture.” Pretty inspiring stuff.

The Townhouse

The MD Townhouse is Siggerud’s personal home, located in the Holmen neighborhood of Copenhagen. Housed inside a converted building from the 1600’s, Siggerud’s townhouse is part of what was once the Royal Naval Base and Dockyards (can we get more of this in the US, please?!). Set over three floors, the home features a kitchen and dining floor, a second floor-through living space, and a top floor comprised of two bedrooms and two baths. Siggerud juxtaposes textured historical elements — such as the hewn timbers — against newer, sleeker surfaces. With the interiors, she intentionally kept the palette subdued to emphasize the “rough but elegant atmosphere.” The subdued palette also serves to highlight Siggerud’s collection of classic vintage pieces (Jeanneret chairs, Mouille floor lamp), which feel perfectly at ease in the MD townhouse.

All images via Danielle Siggerud

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