Branca & Co. is a small residential restoration and renovation firm located in New York City. We transform historical homes by collaborating with a curated group of architects, contractors, and interior designers. We are committed to creating homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functionally smart, but honestly built. All of our homes are available either for rent, or for sale. If you are interested in one of our homes, please make an inquiry.


Lindsey Branca and Mike Grosshandler founded Branca & Co. in 2016, after they purchased a new-development condominium in Brooklyn and felt dismayed by the lack of care that was taken to build their home. The pair purchased their first townhouse together later that year, and have continued to expand with residential projects in New York and Connecticut.

Lindsey Branca, a partner at Branca & Co., previously worked for her family's commercial real estate development firm, which her grandmother began in 1945. The firm's focus on large-scale commercial projects gave Lindsey an understanding of good construction, proper materials, and thoughtful property management. In 2016, she co-founded Branca & Co., which unites her passions for residential architecture, craftsmanship, and interior design.

Mike Grosshandler, a partner at Branca & Co., previously worked in digital post-production for a number of firms throughout New York City. With a talent for spacial design and project management, combined with a background in small-scale building, Mike was a natural fit for residential development. In 2016, he left his visual-effects career to co-found Branca & Co.